Dutch Barge Builders (UK)

Are you somewhat of a nomad and often move from house to house? Perhaps the idea of being restricted to living in once place seems rather dull? Maybe you’ve considered purchasing a house boat? If so, you may be on the hunt for Dutch barge builders in the UK.

Many people opt to live in a mobile house boat for numerous reasons. Not only do you get to travel around and take in the sights, but there’s a sense of freedom that comes with it like nothing else. The tranquil waters, the natural rock of the boat at night, and the comfort of having everything in one place are all valid reasons to begin a life on the waters.

Here at Peter Nicholls Yacht Builders Ltd, we are passionate about building Dutch barges. We also have a variety of boats for sale. The Thames Barge makes for the perfect cruising home, featuring a large open plan saloon with a settee and diner. This boat is perfect for cruising the British Isles with your family by sea or inland, meaning you can live a life of comfort and luxury.

To view our full range of boats for sale, visit our site today or give us a call on 01788 891823.

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