Customer Reviews Inspection launch


Dear Peter,

We are the proud owners of the inspection launch Mole of Marsh Hall which was built 12 years ago . We bought her two years ago from the original owners. We cannot go anywhere without admiring comments !   The boat still looks the same as in the original photo; beautiful !

We need to replace the horn and spotlight on the roof and we have been searching everywhere for identical fittings. Can you help us ? Who was your supplier for the horn and the lamp?

Robert Cheyne

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In Reply;

Thanks Robert.

Is the horn a trumpet type in stainless steel with brackets in stainless steel by which you screw it to the roof ? If so then I can send you one if you send me your address.
They are about £50 plus VAT. plus carriage.

The headlamp is in chrome I think and round? They are discontinued and were about £80.  But there is a replacement at around £25 plus VAT and carriage – I can send this as well.

You may find the screw holes are different in the roof. If so, just screw the original screws into the roof with some sealer underneath and drill some more holes You will need to get locally some stainless steel 5mm thread dome head screws and tap them into the roof or get a local to do it.

Send me your address and I will organise it when you confirm the above questions.

Glad you like the boat. She was the longest we made and still went well and steered well.
Best wishes Peter Nicholls.