Customer Reviews Thames barge

John Robson wrote:

Dear Peter, I thought I would tell you once again how pleased Pam and I are by the continuing
good performance of our inland barge, Kes. We had reason to be grateful on our recent cruise to
Lincoln which required us to cover lengths of the River Trent both above and below Cromwell lock.

On our return journey we had to travel upstream from Nottingham after there had been heavy
rainfall during the previous day and night. There was a lot of ‘fresh’ in the river but we had no
problems thanks to the good design of the hull and just got past the floodgates at Sawley in time
to avoid their closure as the levels rose. The entrance to Derwent Mouth lock was particularly
difficult due to the confluence of the Trent and Derwent rivers making the water very lively.
When we were able to cross the river between Wychnor and Alrewas the river was still
very full and yet again we were grateful that we had a sound craft to travel in.

So even though it is so many years since we bought Kes we are still very glad we made
the choice that has given so many pleasurable and safe journeys.

With our very best wishes,
John and Pam Robson